Some of his early works.(2006~2014)

Part I Sculpture

As a sculptor who grew up in a college, Zheng Min, art road began with figurative sculpture. These early works which is directly related to Min’s artistic education with a strong academic tradition. Starting with his undergraduate work “Wang Xiaobo Statue”, Min made a series of statues of cultural celebrities, which were presented in nudes, caused great controversy in the Chinese media——even this art form It is no longer topical in the art system of Europe and America.

Wang Xiaobo Statue, Gypsum,150*178*165cm,2007,Collection at Shanghai Urban Sculpture Art Center

Wang Xiaobo Statue” portrays Wang Xiaobo, a famous Chinese writer. The statue depicting a middle-aged man who is comforted by loneliness, vivid in the present of the writer’s last years before his death. Situation. However, the cultural significance of this work is not to cast a celebrity statue in a certain sculpture language. It’s significance lies in: through the extensive coverage of the media (including many Chinese official media), the attention and discussion of the Chinese people caused by the works is bridging the gap between Chinese contemporary art and the people who have moved to a well-off society after the reform and opening up. In effect, Zheng Min was nominated for the 2007 AAC Art China, the most influential artist.


Hello, FRP, 140*90*60cm, 2008, Private Collection

These two characters came from Zheng Min’s English textbooks in his high school,Li Lei and Han Meimei. They met in the first lesson of English textbooks—— Hello,My name is Li Lei&hello, my name is Han Meimei, became the most indelible impression of the relationship between the generations of the statue authors. These two characters were even made into a film by a Chinese directors,.


Man in the bathtub, bronze, 90*45*25cm, 2012

This work portrays a Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, based on the famous French painter David’s “The Death of Marathi”.


Ma Yun Statue, Digital sculpture, Variable Size, 2013

This work portrays Ma Yun, the founder of China’s “E-Commerce Godfather” Taobao inc., standing on a rive stone as a child’s body wearing Chinese tunic suit and liberation shoes which typical of his childhood in China. This combination of time witnessed the tremendous changes in the country’s thirty-five years of Reform and Opening up.It is worth mentioning that this statue uses the digital engraving software zBrush.


Part II: Homework Series

As shown in the works provided in the first part of my resume, I have a strong interest in traditional sculptures in the East and West, especially in character sculptures. After solid training in the college, I am very good at making realistic sculptures. Although I also like the work of figurative clay sculpture, I have been educated in college for many years, but I have doubts about whether figurative sculpture is my only way of creation. I remembered the artists who made works in the apartment in the 1990s and then spread their works through photocopying. Since 2009, I have been at home, making a work every day, and publishing my work through the Internet, called: homework.

Many of the devices in the “Homework” series (and some behavioral works) are, in my opinion, sculptures. When I was doing these works, I thought about whether there was a new possibility of broadening the material and form of the sculpture. My tutor, Sui Jianguo, believes that if time factor is taken into account, sculpture should not be a static matter. Inspired by Mr. Sui, I used my body and the materials that it could touch as a material, and used the movement of this material as a form of sculpture production and presentation. I do such an experiment almost every day, and post it on Weibo or WeChat to interact with people – all of which constitute my work. For example: On March 20th, I cut a 3m long tape measure into a 1cm piece with scissors. I cut 300 pieces in total. On March 22nd, I lit a ruler with my height. I was on March 23rd. When I was listening to a performance, I collected the cigarettes in the smoking place and combined them into a straight line to bring people to take a photo, etc. These were first published in my social network space instead of galleries and art galleries (some of which were later involved in some galleries and Exhibition of art museums). In the past few years, although there has been a lot of accumulation, this series of experiments that I call “homework” has just begun, and it will take time to verify whether this is valuable.



Polishing two pieces of marble, Marble ,15*30*30cm ,2005



Mark, Behavior Photo Record 2009


the Statue of a piece of soil, soil, 2011


Oversize, behavior, video, 2011, in Beijing


Oversize II, behavior, video, 2015, in Guangzhou


300 cuts,behavioral, videos ,2012


Remove the hour and minute hands of a clock, ready-made, 2012


Bird II ,Reinforced Concrete ,45*30*25cm ,2014